The Best Outdoor Shower (Guide) – 2016 Reviews

Outdoor Shower Review GuideWhen you think about showering, the first place that comes to mind is your bathroom. Obviously, most of our time bathing and showering is in our own bathroom at home. However, more and more households are beginning to install outdoor shower fixtures.

While these are not used for everyday showering, these do offer convenience when you just don’t want to use your indoor shower or need to clean off some dirt before jumping in the pool or coming inside.

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What is an Outdoor Shower?

An outdoor shower fixture is designed to be placed outside. These shower fixtures are hooked up to your home’s plumbing system so that water flows, although some models may use different methods. These fixtures consists of a shower arm that can be installed in the ground or mounted to a fence or wall, a shower head, and a faucet that is used to turn the water off and on. Outdoor showers are available in multiple finishes, sizes, and styles.

What are the Different Types?

If you’re considering an outdoor shower fixture for your home, the decision of which to purchase can be a difficult one. The first step you need to take before purchasing an outdoor shower fixture is to determine which type will best fit your needs.

Single hose – These showers only have cold water, so they are best for situations where you just need to quickly rinse off.

Garden hose – These showers are the easiest to install, as they simply hook up to a garden hose and do not require being hooked to outdoor plumbing.

Pedestal – These showers are also known as standalone showers. They are hooked up to your outdoor plumbing, they can be placed anywhere in your yard, and they stand without being supported or mounted to a wall.

Wall-mounted – These showers, as the name suggests, are mounted to a wall or fence. They are installed to your outdoor plumbing, or in some cases, they may be connected to your indoor plumbing.

What are the Advantages of Owning an Outdoor Shower?

An outdoor shower is a must-have if you want to rinse or clean yourself off before you go into your house. If you garden or do yardwork, an outdoor shower is a great way to rinse off the dirt so you don’t track in all over your floors. People that work in the construction industry or another industry where they get dirty daily can rinse off before going inside to use the indoor shower.

An outdoor shower is also great for the pool deck. Swimmers can rinse themselves off before taking a dip to remove oils on the skin that make your pool dirty. An outdoor shower is also great for rinsing off chemicals and chlorine quickly, especially from the hair. If you frequently have pool parties, access to an outdoor shower for cleaning up is something your guests will enjoy.

Which Products are Best?

Outdoor Solar Shower with Base – You can enjoy warm water heated by the sun without the hassle of hoses or installation with this portable shower.

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower – This durable, attractive outdoor shower will look great on your pool deck or patio. It features cold and hot settings for your comfort.

Orvis Outdoor Shower – This wooden shower will look perfect anywhere outdoors. Best of all, getting started takes just a few minutes.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Outdoor Shower Fixture

If you like the idea of having a convenient outdoor shower at your home and you’re ready to make a purchase, don’t get started just yet. Instead, find out more about some of the features that other consumers look for when purchasing an outdoor shower.

• Heated water
If you don’t anticipate using your outdoor shower very often, you can save money by purchasing a model that only uses hot water. Typically these are less expensive than those that have both hot and cold water. For the most comfort for you, your family, and your guests who plan to use the shower more often, choose a model that uses both hot and cold water.

• Water source
Next, you need to determine the most convenient way to get water to your shower. If you have a hose nearby, select a shower that works with your hose. If you’re looking for a more permanent option, you will want to have your shower connected to your plumbing.

• Installation
For a more permanent option, a shower that is installed in the ground or mounted to a wall will work for you. However, installation is usually more difficult and may require the help of a professional. Many of the most popular outdoor showers are portable and do not require installation.

• Price
Finally, you will need to set a budget for your new shower fixture. These can range from around $100 into the thousands, so decide what features are important to you and how much you’re willing to pay for these features before you begin shopping.

Heated water

Outdoor Solar Shower with Base

Using the power of the sun, this outdoor shower has heated water for your comfort. Best of all, the solar heating method does not run up your electric bill.

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower

This outdoor shower holds 5.5 gallons of heated water. Once it is filled, it is heated using solar power, so no hot water heater or electricity is required.

Orvis Outdoor Shower

This shower is designed to work with cold and hot water. However, in order to use hot water, a solar tank or hot water heater will need to be used.

Water source

Outdoor Solar Shower with Base

This outdoor shower operates with a standard garden hose attached. It can be connected to a permanent PVC connection if desired.

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower

The GAME 4376 uses any standard garden hose. Simply fill up the tank for heated water, then connect the house for both hot and cold temperatures.

Orvis Outdoor Shower

This attractive outdoor shower connects to your garden hose, or you can have it connected to plumbing for a permanent solution.


Outdoor Solar Shower with Base

Installation is as easy as assembling your shower, setting it in the perfect spot, and connecting a garden hose. Once these steps are complete, your shower is ready to use.

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower

Installation is quite simple. This is a versatile shower that can be used freestanding or mounted to a solid surface. With freestanding installation, you just have to hook up the hose, and it’s ready for use. Mounting is easy and just takes a little bit more time if you want a more permanent option.

Orvis Outdoor Shower

Assembly and installation are quite simple. Simply hook a garden hose up, and the shower will work. If hot water is desired, more steps are required.


Outdoor Solar Shower with Base

For just $150, you can put this shower on your pool, patio, or in your yard. At this price point, it is one of the most inexpensive pool showers available.

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower

At right around $200, this is a mid-level outdoor shower that offers great versatility and performance for the price.

Orvis Outdoor Shower

At $300, this is a high-end outdoor shower. It is made with quality materials and is extra stylish, so it looks great even when placed outside of the most luxurious homes.

Conclusion: Our Outdoor Shower Reviews Are In

Outdoor Solar Shower with Base – Best Outdoor Shower Fixture

Outdoor Solar Shower with BaseThis is the ideal outdoor pool shower for anyone on a budget. For such a low price, you’ll be surprised at what a quality product you receive. When you’re rinsing off before or after you get in the pool, you can do so comfortably with this shower, which has hot and cold water settings for the perfect water temperature.

The sturdy base ensures that this shower never topples in the wind or other bad weather conditions, and the shower itself is easy to operate. The solar power heating saves on electric bills, and it conveniently hooks right up to a garden hose, so installation is finished in just minutes.


It has a very low price tag. Solar energy provides heated water. It is easy to use. It works with a standard garden hose and does not require extensive plumbing installation. It holds up to five gallons of heated water in the base. It is 7-feet tall, so it works for anyone of any height. Assembly is simple.


No replacement parts are available for this model. After extensive use, the seal may begin leaking.

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GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower – Best Outdoor Shower Fixture for the Money

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar ShowerAre you undecided on whether you want a portable outdoor shower that you can move around or a more permanently mounted one? With this GAME outdoor shower, you have choices. You can mount the base to any solid surface, or you can leave it freestanding for portability.

With 5.5 gallon hot water storage, you can always have a warm shower after your dip in the pool or time outside in the yard. The water is warmed using solar energy, so you won’t see your power bill skyrocket. This shower is sturdy, stylishly designed, and looks great on any patio, pool deck, or any other outdoor space.


It is available in two different finishes, wood grain and black. It easily connects to a garden hose-no plumbing work required. It’s easy to operate. It looks attractive. It’s stable and able to withstand the elements. It has a larger rainfall shower head for more coverage. It doesn’t leak. It’s easy to assemble and install.


The handle feels cheaply made. Lots of sun is required in order to have a warm shower, but this is typical with solar showers. The showerhead drips at times when not in use.

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Orvis Outdoor Shower – Best Outdoor Shower Fixture Overall

Orvis Outdoor ShowerIf you don’t want a large, bulky, and unattractive shower ruining the look of your patio or pool deck, this is the perfect option for you. It looks like the showers you would see at a high-end resort. Crafted out of high-quality nyatoh wood, this shower is sturdy, durable, and stylish. The wood will keep its beautiful finish if treated with teak oil, or you can allow it to age naturally. Either way, you can count on this shower to retain its beauty for years to come.

The shower head is adjustable for height, reaching from 73 ½ to 88 ½ inches, so it works well for all heights. The shower has great pressure, and it is perfect for lake houses, beach houses, pool decks and pool houses, and patios.


It is far more attractive than other outdoor showers. It provides great water pressure. It hooks up easily with an outside spigot and hose. Installation is simple, and only a screwdriver is required. It is made of quality wood. It is durable and well-built. It is very sturdy. Wood is treated to withstand any type of weather.


It is expensive. A separate hot water source is required.

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An outdoor shower is great to have, but you don’t want it to take away from the beauty of your home. With the Orvis Outdoor Shower, you can enjoy rinsing off after a swim in the lake, pool, or ocean without having to worry about a cheaply designed shower in your yard. With its durable wood construction and modern styling, this outdoor shower is not only functional, but it enhances the look of your outdoor space.