The Best Outdoor Shower (Guide) – 2017 Reviews

Outdoor Shower Review GuideWhen you think about showering, the first place that comes to mind is your bathroom. Obviously, most of our time bathing and showering is in our own bathroom at home. However, more and more households are beginning to install outdoor shower fixtures.

While these are not used for everyday showering, these do offer convenience when you just don’t want to use your indoor shower or need to clean off some dirt before jumping in the pool or coming inside.

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What is an Outdoor Shower?

An outdoor shower fixture is designed to be placed outside. These shower fixtures are hooked up to your home’s plumbing system so that water flows, although some models may use different methods. These fixtures consists of a shower arm that can be installed in the ground or mounted to a fence or wall, a shower head, and a faucet that is used to turn the water off and on. Outdoor showers are available in multiple finishes, sizes, and styles.

What are the Different Types?

If you’re considering an outdoor shower fixture for your home, the decision of which to purchase can be a difficult one. The first step you need to take before purchasing an outdoor shower fixture is to determine which type will best fit your needs.

Single hose – These showers only have cold water, so they are bes