What is the Top Computer Desk of 2017? (Review Guide)

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Computer Desk Review GuideWhether you work from home or you just enjoy surfing the internet in your free time, you have to have a comfortable place to use your computer. You’ll need a stable, flat surface for your computer, room for your mouse, and space for your printer and other peripherals and accessories.

The best place to use your computer is at a computer desk. A computer desk provides you with plenty of space and allows you to use your computer in complete comfort.

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What is a Computer Desk?

A computer desk is a desk that is designed to hold a computer. It is particularly useful for desktop models, but it can also be used with laptops, as well. A computer desk provides the perfect workspace in your home, cubicle, or office.

Computer desks are designed with special save-spacing features like a slide-out keyboard table and a compartment that houses your CPU. Most computer desks are also equipped with shelves, cabinets, and drawers for storing other office supplies.

What are the Different Types?

There are several different types of computer desks to choose from. Some are designed to work better in an office, while others are ideal for use at home.

L-shaped corner computer desks – If you’re short on space or you don’t have a full wall to work with, a corner computer desk is a space-saving option. These fit perfectly in a corner, providing you with plenty of room to work without taking up the entire room.

Computer armoires – If your computer is located in a central part of your home, and you don’t want to have it displayed when not in use, an armoire is a good choice. Armoires feature two doors that open up, along with a slide-out keyboard tray that makes working quite easy. Once you’re finished, you can shut the doors, and all your guests and family will see is a beautiful piece of furniture.

Computer desks with hutches – These desks have hutches that sit on top that have different shelves and cabinets for additional storage space.

Executive desks – Executive desks are typically the largest and most decorative of all the desks. These desks are perfect for any office, and their sturdy, durable construction ensures they’ll last for years to come.

What are the Advantages of Using A Desk?

The primary advantage of owning a computer desk is that you can comfortably use your computer. You will have plenty of room for your desktop computer, or you won’t have to worry about balancing your laptop on your lap.

A computer desk also allows you to keep all of your components neatly organized in one place. Your printer, router, scanner, fax machine, and other office equipment can be organized on your computer desk, and you can also keep your smaller supplies like printer paper, notebooks, pens, and pencils in a desks’ drawers, shelves, and cabinets.

Who are the Contenders for Best Computer Desk?

Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk – Keep everything you need right where you need it in this L-shaped desk, which fits perfectly in any corner to save space.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation – A cherry finish, black accents, and tempered glass are combined to create an elegant but functional desk that would look perfect in your home office.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk – This stunning desk is a beautiful addition to any home or office. The shelves and drawers provide you with plenty of storage space, while the two-tone wood adds a touch of class this piece.

Choosing the Right Desk For Your Office Space

If you want a place to work in your home office or you need to replace an old desk at your business, you’ll find that you have many different choices when it comes to computer desks. Keep these considerations in mind as you shop for a new computer desk to find the best one for your needs.

• Size
If you are putting your home computer in a central location like a living room or kitchen, you may be working with limited space. If so, you will need to purchase a smaller desk or look at one that has a space-saving design, like a corner desk. If you have a larger home office, an L-shaped desk or desk with hutch may be what you choose.

• Price
Desks range in price from under $100 for a basic wood or metal desk to over $1000 for a solid wood executive desk. If you work in a business and you want to make a good impression, you may want to invest in a larger, more formal desk. If you’re just playing on your computer at home, an inexpensive but durable desk may work for you.

• Finish
If you have other office furniture like bookshelves and tables, you’ll want your new desk to have a finish that coordinates with your other pieces, especially if customers or clients come into your office often. You’ll have your choice of different wood finishes ranging from white to dark ebony.

• Storage space
You’ll need to take a look at how you will be using your desk to determine how much storage space you need. If you have lots of paperwork that you like to keep within your reach, look for an option with deep drawers or built-in file cabinets. If you have lots of books and manuals, built-in bookshelves look great and help you keep everything perfectly organized.


Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk

This desk is designed in an L-shape that easily fits in a corner to save space. It is ideal for smaller home offices. This model measures 28.31 inches x 53.63 inches x 51.31, so it provides plenty of space for storing your computer and other office items.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

At 36 inches x 26 inches x 48 inches, this desk is small enough to fit in your home office or in another room of your home, but it still gives you plenty of space for your computer and additional office supplies.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

This is a very large desk, designed for use in a business office or a larger home office. It measures in at 31 inches x 72 inches x 32 inches.


Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk

If you’re looking for an affordable desk, you’ll love this desk. It offers plenty of room, a contemporary design, and features found on more expensive desks at a fraction of the cost.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

This desk retails at a moderate price. With the durable construction, quality materials, and stylish look, it is well worth every penny.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

As far as pricing goes, this desk is certainly top-of-the-line. It is certainly more expensive than basic computer desks.


Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk

This desk is available in two different finishes to coordinate with your other furniture and décor. If you decide this is the right desk for you, you’ll have your choice from Dark Cherry and Black Ebony Ash.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

This contemporary desk is made of cherry wood, black metal, and tempered glass so it complements any décor.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

This desk is available in a two-done wood design. The cherry and black colors coordinate with other dark office furniture and offer a touch of elegance and class to any office.

Storage Space

Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk

You’ll have plenty of room for everything you want to keep handy in your home office. Store your computer and other office equipment and supplies on two open shelves and two side shelves. The L-shaped design gives you plenty of space up top for your printer, monitor, or laptop computer.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

This streamlined design features a pull-out keyboard tray, a desktop, and an additional shelf to provide you with space for your office supplies. It is also open underneath to give you space for your CPU, printer, and other large equipment.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

You’ll have room for everything you need with this oversized desk. It features seven drawers, a keyboard drawer, a two cabinet drawer, two cabinets, and two filing cabinet drawers.

Conclusion: Our Computer Desk Reviews Are In

Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk– Best Cheap Computer Desk

Ameriwood Office L-Shaped DeskIf you want a basic desk that has plenty of room for your computer and is durable and sturdy enough for daily use, this desk from Ameriwood is a choice that you should consider. This desk is one of the most affordable, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. It’s crafted with durable wood in your choice of two finishes, and it has a contemporary design that never goes out of style.

This desk is not only great for a home office, but it’s affordable enough to be used as a student desk at home or in a dorm room. It fits in almost any space, and the grommets for cord management and shelves keep everything neat and organized.


This is an extremely affordable option. It is easy to assemble. It is a solid desk that doesn’t feel cheap. It’s the perfect size for smaller rooms.


It only has one configuration, so it can’t be customized for your space. It scratches easily. It is prone to chipping and peeling over time.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation- Best Computer Desk for the Money

Z-Line Designs Cyrus WorkstationYou don’t have to sacrifice function for style when you choose this desk. You will get the best of both worlds with a functional, well-built computer desk that uses modern materials and a contemporary design. The black metal, beautiful cherry wood, and durable tempered glass will enhance the look of your home office.

With three grommets for cord organization, your desk will always look tidy. An additional shelf provides you with space for your clock, calendar, pencil holder, and other small items, while larger items can be stored on the shelf underneath. If you want to move the desk, you can do so with ease using the attached castors.


The price is perfect for those looking for a durable home office desk. The keyboard tray is wide so you have plenty of space to work. The desk is very well-made and sturdy. Assembly is very simple and only requires one person.


The cherry finish scratches easily. There are no drawers for additional storage. Keyboard tray is low, so a shorter chair is needed to fit comfortably underneath.

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk – Best Computer Desk Overall

Coaster Oval Shaped Executive DeskMake a great first impression with your customers and clients when they walk into your office and see you sitting behind this regal desk. This elegant piece features a two-tone finish and fluted moldings and trim that coordinates with your existing furniture and blends perfectly with other matching pieces that are sold separately from this collection.

You’ll have plenty of room to file your papers, store your important supplies, and use your computer. There’s even a book shelf for your books, manuals, or even a few beautiful knick-knacks. This desk is made with hardwood solids and veneers for durability, so you can enjoy using this desk for years to come.


It looks great in a professional office. It offers plenty of storage space. No assembly is required. It is extremely high quality. It features seven full-extension drawers. The trim and other details are exquisite.


At 500 pounds, it is extremely heavy to move. The price is much higher than other computer desks. The finish inside the drawers could be applied better.

When you purchase a computer desk, you want a desk that is built to last for years to come and provides enough space for comfortably working at your computer, filling out paperwork, or just talking on the phone with your clients. The Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk brings all of that and so much more. Its beautiful styling will enhance the look of your office year after year, the solid construction ensures it will last, and all of the added details make this desk clearly stand out above the rest. With this piece, you don’t just get a desk. You get a quality piece of office furniture that’s sure to impress.