The Ten Best Indoor Grills in 2017 (Guide and Reviews)

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Indoor Grill Review GuideOne of the best parts of summer is outdoor barbecues. Not only is grilling one of the easiest ways to cook, but it’s also healthier in many cases. Grilled chicken is juicy and delicious, and it has a fraction of the fat content of fried chicken, for example. However, there are many times when you’re not able to use your outdoor grill. If it’s very windy, cold, snowy, or rainy, grilling is nearly impossible.

You may also be prohibited from grilling if you live in an apartment or condo, it’s banned by your HOA, or you just don’t have the space for a grill outside. If you have a craving for grilled meats or vegetables but you just can’t get outdoors, bring the taste inside with an indoor grill.

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What is an Indoor Grill?

An indoor grill is just what it sounds like – a grill that is designed to be used indoors. Instead of being on a pedestal like outdoor models, these, like electric skillets and deep fryers, are designed to sit on a counter or tabletop for safe operation and so they don’t take up too much space in your home.

These class of grills allow you to easily cook your favorite grilled recipes in any type of weather conditions, as well as if outdoor grills are not allowed at your home. These indoor appliances run on electricity, so you don’t have to worry about refilling a propane tank or deal with messy charcoal.

What are the different types of Indoor Grills?

If you want to be able to grill out every day of the year, you need to invest in one of these indoor small appliances. Before you buy, consider the two types that are available to purchase.

Open grill – These grills are much like outdoor models, where you can grill one side at a time and have to flip your meat, vegetables, or other items to cook the other side.

Contact grill – These grills fold in half, so both sides get cooked at once. These are very easy to use and can help save you a lot of time because you don’t have to cook just one side.

What are the Advantages of Owning an Indoor Grill?

You can cook just about anything on an indoor grill, including steak, burgers, hot dogs, kabobs, chicken, fish, corn, and more. Many models are designed to drain off excess fat and grease, so your food is healthier, and it still retains its juiciness and great taste. These grills are very easy to use, don’t splatter grease like cooking in pans on a stovetop, and are easy to clean.

Most are very small, so they’re easy to store in a cabinet or pantry when not in use. They provide even heating and you don’t have to purchase charcoal or propane. Most are also very energy efficient, even more efficient than your electric range.

Who are the contenders for Best Indoor Grill?

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill – Enjoy your favorite grilled foods without the guilt when you make it on this George Foreman grill. For years, the George Foreman name has been synonymous with indoor grills that not only cook evenly, but they also drain off excess fat, making your meal healthier. This grill sticks to that formula, and turns it up a notch with the large cooking surface that measures 144 square inches, a sleek silver design, and it is very easy to use. There are no complicated controls, and just by turning it on, you’ll get perfect, evenly cooked meat each and every time.

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill – If you want a grill that’s true to the design of outdoor models, this Perfecto model is just perfect. It has easy to use temperature controls, a large cooking area, a tempered glass lid to seal in the heat to keep meat juicy and delicious, and a design that makes cleanup a breeze. This grill is affordable, can be used with a variety of different foods, and cooks evenly for perfect results for every meal.

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill – Take indoor cooking to the next level with this high-end grill, which offers all of the features you could ever want. There are six different grilling modes that can be activated with the push of a button in order to deliver the best possible results. It even has a frozen food option to take your food from cold and frozen to hot and ready to eat in no time. The cooking indicator light helps let you know when your food is done, so not only will it be delicious, but it will also keep you and your family safe from undercooked food. This model performs like a dream and with its stainless steel design, looks great while doing it.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Indoor Grill

You don’t have to give up grilling just because of the weather, temperature, or because you can’t own an outdoor grill. Bypass all of these problems by investing in an indoor model. You won’t have to use excessive energy consumption by using your stove, you won’t have a sink full of messy pots and pans, and you’ll get the same great taste you’d get from grilling outdoors when you use one of these small kitchen appliances.

Once you’ve decided you want to give these a try, or you want to replace a broken, outdated, or under-performing model that you already own, keep these things in mind before making your purchase.

These grills range in price from around $50 for a basic model to several hundred for a more top-of-the-line grill. If you plan on using yours quite often for a variety of different foods, you may want to invest in a more advanced model. Of course, you always want to think about what you can afford, but it’s also important to not overlook features that may be important to you just to save a few bucks, so keep price in mind, but look at other features as well.

You should expect for your grill to last through multiple meals, and a defect caused by the manufacturer shouldn’t be something that you have to pay for. With a warranty protecting your purchase, you won’t have to worry about paying for a repair or replacement if your grill fails prematurely.

Cooking area
The size of the cooking space of the grill is important because you don’t want to leave your family, friends, or guests waiting if you don’t have enough space for all of your food. If you entertain frequently or have a larger family, make sure you purchase a larger grill.

Depending on what grill you buy, you’ll have a variety of settings to choose from. Some have one basic setting while others allow you to customize the flavor of your food with built in temperature and auto settings programmed to grill a variety of foods.


George Foreman GR144

This is one of the more budget-friendly grills you’ll find that offers great performance.

Delonghi BG24

The retail price for this electric grill is a mid-priced small appliance.

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill

This high-end electric grill comes a higher price than the rest of the group.


George Foreman GR144

You’ll receive a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defect in the product.

Delonghi BG24

Your purchase is protected with a 1-year limited warranty.

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill

You’ll receive a 1-year limited warranty from T-fal that protects you from paying for damages caused by a defect in manufacturing.

Cooking area

George Foreman GR144

With 144 square inches of cooking space, you’ll have plenty of room to cook for the whole family.

Delonghi BG24

You’ll have enough room for multiple burgers, a large roast, or plenty for everyone at the table with this grill, which measures in at 12 inches by 6 inches.

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill

With a surface area of 14 inches by 13 inches, you’ll have more than enough space to get everything cooked quickly to feed your hungry family and friends.


George Foreman GR144

There are no adjustable settings. This is set to the perfect temperature for most foods.

Delonghi BG24

You can adjust the temp accordingly with the easy-to-use dial, which has five different heat settings.

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill

You can fully customize exactly how your food is cooked with two cooking modes and six cooking programs.

Conclusion: Our Indoor Grill Reviews Are In

George Foreman GR144 – Best Cheap Indoor Grill

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size GrillEat healthier without sacrificing taste with this electric grill from George Foreman. The innovative design of this grill allows meat to be grilled evenly on each side without the need to flip, so you can enjoy your meal faster than ever, but it also drains away excess fat that leaves your food greasy and unhealthy, so you can eat your favorite meals without the guilt.

You can throw just about anything on this grill, including fish, beef, and poultry, and the non-stick design ensures your food doesn’t stick and burn. You don’t have to worry about complicated controls, as the one temperature setting is ideal for every type of food. It is equipped with a stay-cool handle to prevent burns, as well as a drip tray to capture the excess fat.


  • It doesn’t have complicated controls
  • The temp setting is ideal for cooking most foods
  • It is very easy to use
  • Since it is a contact grill, it cooks both sides at one time to reduce grilling time
  • It can be used for most foods
  • It is very roomy
  • It is extremely affordable
  • It is backed with a warranty


  • The non-stick coating flakes off over time
  • Since the plates are not removable, the surface can be a bit difficult to clean

Delonghi BG24 – Best Indoor Grill for the Money

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor GrillIf you want the most outdoor-like experience right in your kitchen, this grill is perfect for your household. It has a design that is similar to your outdoor grill without the bulk and without the mess and danger. This electric model plugs right in, sits on your countertop, and is designed to cook anything from steak to grilled corn on the cob. It has a roomy size, easy to use controls, and a tempered glass lid for even, thorough cooking.

Operation doesn’t get much easier than what you’ll find on this grill, and when you’re done cooking your meal to perfection, cleanup is just as easy. The nonstick surface not only prevents food from sticking and burning, but it makes it easy to clean in just minutes with a simple wipe down. Excess grease is drained from all of your food into the removable drip tray that is super easy to clean as well.


  • It has an embedded heating element for even cooking
  • It weighs less than 11 pounds, making it easy to move around
  • The glass lid helps keep in the heat while cooking and before serving for the perfect temperature
  • The controls are easy to use
  • It is a breeze to clean
  • The die-cast aluminum surface is very heavy-duty
  • The grill plate is removable for easy cleaning


  • The nonstick coating may flake off over time
  • It is not designed to sear meat

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill – Best Indoor Grill Overall

T-fal GC702D OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric GrillIf you’re very specific about how your food is cooked, you need options for your electric grill. This grill comes loaded with a variety of great features. If you want to heat up a frozen burger patty, you don’t have to defrost it first. Instead, you can just pop it right on the grill, choose the frozen food mode, and get a perfectly cooked burger in no time at all. If your meat or veggies are fresh and not frozen, choose the manual mode.

You have six cooking levels available for fast and effective grilling. Choose from Burgers, Poultry, Sandwiches, Pork, Red Meat, and Fish. All you have to do is push a button, and the grill will do all of the hard work for you. It is also equipped with a cooking sensor that allows you to select your preference from rare to well done. The indicator lights let you know the progress, while an audible beep will sound when it’s cooked just the way you like it. It’s very easy to use, looks great, and is easy to clean.


  • The removable plates make it easy to clean
  • It has multiple settings for perfect cooking for just about any type of food
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a modern stainless design that looks great in any kitchen
  • It has an indicator light and alarm to ensure your food is cooked the way you want it
  • It cooks frozen food without the need for separate defrosting
  • The die-cast aluminum plates are very durable
  • The plates are dishwasher-safe
  • The angled plates drain off excess fat for healthier food


  • It is a bit expensive
  • The top drips when the contact grill is opened, which may cause a mess

You don’t have to wait for a nice summer day to roll around to enjoy food cooked perfectly on a grill when you own an indoor grill. These grills are extremely versatile and allow you to cook tasty food in less time and without the mess of cooking on your stovetop just by using one small kitchen appliance. For easy cooking with all of the features you’ll ever need, the T-fal GC702D OptiGrill is a top choice. With its modern design, multiple functions, and overall performance, it burns the competition but not your food.