What are the Best Kitchen Knife Sets of 2017? (Guide)

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Kitchen Knife Set Review GuideAnyone that has ever made a meal in the kitchen knows just how much work is involved. Even the simplest meals require purchasing the right ingredients, adding the right amount of ingredients to follow a recipe, and of course, prep work before you put your food in the oven or on the stove top. Many people find that prepping a meal is the longest, most difficult part.

From chopping an onion for spaghetti sauce to mincing garlic for a casserole, prep work can be a pain. But it doesn’t have to be, not when you have the right tools. When it comes to kitchen tools, a set of sharp knives in various sizes is one of the most important things you have in your kitchen.

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What is a Kitchen Knife Set?

A knife set is a collection of knives made by the same manufacturer that shares a few common features, including the materials the blades are made out of, as well as the colors of the handles. These knives are available in a variety of different sizes to serve different functions in the kitchen, from chopping to dicing, slicing, and mincing.

Some knife sets may come with blade covers so they can be stored in a kitchen drawer, others can be stored in cases, but many come in a wooden block that sits on your countertop. This ensures that your knives are always close at hand, and they also enhance the look of your kitchen if you purchase a set in a color that complements your décor. These sets may come with two knives, or they may come with 10 or more.

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What are the different types of Kitchen Knives?

Whether you’re replacing an old, dull set, an inexpensive set that you’ve had for years, you’re purchasing for someone else for a housewarming or bridal shower gift, or you’re buying your first set for your first home, you need to know what to look for in order to ensure quality. When purchasing knives, you want to make sure you get a durable set that dramatically cuts down on your prep work in the kitchen. While there are lots of different features to look for, the first thing you should know about and evaluate are the types of sets available.

Forged knives – These knives are made with a process that involves pressing and hammering a piece of steel into place. These knives are typically thicker, stronger, and more expensive than other types of knives.

Stamped knives – These knives are made by cutting the blade out of a piece of steel. These are not as durable as forged knives, but there are some that are very strong, sharp, and last through years of cooking it up in the kitchen. These are generally less expensive, making them a good choice for the budget-conscious.

What are the Advantages of Owning a Kitchen Knife Set?

Anything that can cut down on your time spent in the kitchen and give you more time to do the things that you enjoy doing, including sitting down to enjoy the meal you prepared with your family, is something you have handy in your kitchen. A great knife set will help you easily chop through fruits, vegetables, meats, and other items, cutting down on your prep time. These knives can also be used to slice through prepared food either for eating or presentation, and with nice, sharp knives, you won’t have to worry about your meat having torn, jagged edges when cut.

Kitchen knives, much like your small appliances, dinnerware, and flatware, are designed to help you prepare the perfect meal whether you’re just slicing bread for grilled cheese or you’re slicing a large cut of meat for your gourmet dinner. With a full set, you won’t have to worry about picking out individual knives, as you’ll get multiple ones that are designed for different purposes. You can also save money by purchasing a full set rather than individual knives.

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Who are the contenders for Best Kitchen Knife Set?

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set – Just because you have a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to purchase inferior knives that rust easily, bend, break, and just get too dull to cut through anything. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money, but you want a quality set of knives, you’ll love this set from Chicago Cutlery, which comes with 16 pieces including an espresso wood knife block that looks great on your countertop. You’ll have no problem making your next meal with this high-quality yet affordable knife set.

Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with Bamboo Block – Use knives just like the chefs do without paying thousands of dollars by purchasing this mid-priced set, which has durable, sharp blades for each of the eight knives, a wood block for storage, and traditional Japanese rounded handles that are comfortable for holding. This set has forged blades for quality you can count on and an excellent manufacturer’s warranty that ensures you’ve made the right decision.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set – Functional and stylish are just two words that can be used to describe this set. You’ll get six high-quality forged blade knives for prepping your favorite meals, as well as for trying out new recipes. Each knife has an ergonomic, non-slip handle for comfort, and they all store easily in a very stylish tempered glass block that will look great in any modern kitchen.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife Set

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a knife set for your kitchen, this is just the first step. You actually need to do your research to ensure you buy a quality product. Never just pick a knife set because it has a ton of knives (they may be low-quality) or because you like the color or the overall look (they blades may not be very sharp, rendering them virtually useless.)

While you certainly want to pick a set that you like and that will look great in your kitchen, you need to consider other aspects, including whether they’re covered with a warranty and the overall cost. Before you buy, take the time to look for these four things in each set, as well as your own set of criteria that you deem as must-have features for your new set.

Price is a bit tricky when it comes to knife sets. You obviously don’t want to just fork over a ton of money, but you don’t want to go too cheap and get a set that breaks easily, gets too dull and can’t be sharpened, or just doesn’t get the job done. Think about how much you’re willing to spend, but also look at other factors, including the warranty, type of blade, and sharpness.

A warranty is important because it shows that you’ve purchased a product that the manufacturer stands behind. If your knives aren’t supposed to rust with proper care and they do, or they are designed to never chip or break, a warranty will provide you with a repair or replacement at no cost to you.

Type of knives
As already mentioned, there are two main types of knives. Forged blades are generally the most expensive, but they are thicker, stronger, and more durable than stamped knives. This doesn’t mean that you should just disregard stamped knives, however. Just make sure that a lower-priced stamped set has sharp blades, a warranty, and overall good reviews.

Number of knives
Don’t simply purchase a set simply because it has a lot of knives and seems to be priced affordably. If you plan to use all of the knives, it’s okay to make the purchase. However, you should focus on quality instead of simply quantity.


Chicago Cutlery Belmont

This is a budget-friendly set, but it shouldn’t be mistaken for cheap – this is one of the best you’ll find at this price point.

Ginsu 7108 Chikara

The 8-piece set retails for a bit more than the Chicago Cutlery brand, and you can spring for the 12-piece set for even more.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set

This set is one of the more high-end ones on the market with a high-end price tag.


Chicago Cutlery Belmont

This set is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects of workmanship or materials.

Ginsu 7108 Chikara

You can relax knowing you’ve made a great purchase, as this set is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set

You’ll get a limited lifetime warranty with the purchase of this product.

Type of knives

Chicago Cutlery Belmont

These knives have forged blades, so they’re very durable, sturdy, and able to cut through thick or tough items.

Ginsu 7108 Chikara

You’ll be buying a product you can count on with this set of forged blade knives.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set

Each knife is forged from one piece of metal, so each blade is thick, sturdy, and able to tackle the toughest kitchen prep jobs.

Number of knives

Chicago Cutlery Belmont

You’ll receive 16 pieces with the purchase of your set, which includes 13 knives.

Ginsu 7108 Chikara

This 8-piece set comes with five knives of different sizes.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set

This 6-piece set comes with five different knives that serve different functions in the kitchen.

Conclusion: Our Kitchen Knife Set Reviews Are In

Chicago Cutlery Belmont – Best Cheap Kitchen Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife SetIf you want a forged knife set, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, this set comes with a wide selection of different forged blade knives and costs just $100. You’ll be amazed at the sharpness and durability of the knives included in this set, as well as the comfortable, slip-proof handles, and the beautiful espresso wood block designed to keep everything organized while updating the look of your kitchen.

Each knife is resistant to rust, chipping, and pitting provided they are hand washed and cared for properly. The set is backed with a lifetime warranty and includes the wood block, a 7.75 inch chef knife, an 8 inch bread knife, 5 inch utility knife, 3.5 inch paring knife, 3 inch peeler knife, 8 steak knives, shears, and sharpening steel to keep all of your knives sharpened.


  • The set is very affordable
  • The forged blade design is very durable
  • The handles are lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • It comes with a wide variety of knives
  • They come backed with a warranty
  • They are resistant to rust and damage


  • They are thinner and more bendable that more high-end knives
  • They go dull and require sharpening more frequently than higher-quality knives
  • Failure to properly use or care for the knives may result in heavy result buildup

Ginsu 7108 Chikara – Best Kitchen Knife Set for the Money

Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with Bamboo BlockOwn a set just like the pros at an affordable price with the purchase of this set from Ginsu. This set comes with a great set of forged blade knives that are ergonomically designed for efficient cutting, chopping, dicing, and more. The blades are high-quality, thick, and very sharp. They all come in an attractive wood block that keeps them neat and organized on your countertop, the traditional Japanese style rounded handles are heat and water resistant, not to mention easy to hold, and the set is backed with a lifetime warranty.

With your purchase you’ll receive an 8 inch chef’s knife, a 7 inch Santoku knife, a 5 inch utility knife, a 5 inch serrated utility knife, a 3/5 inch paring knife, a honing rod, shears, and a bamboo wood block for storage. You can purchase a larger set that includes four more knives.


  • They are full tang knives, which means the metal goes through the handle for more superior quality
  • The blades are very sharp
  • The handles are comfortable
  • You get a wide assortment of the most popular styles and sizes of knives
  • They come backed with a warranty
  • They are quite affordable
  • When cared for properly, the blades will not rust, break, or dull easily
  • They are well balanced


  • They show nicks over time
  • They may show stains over time
  • If not cared for properly (hand washed and dried immediately after use), they may develop rust

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set – Best Kitchen Knife Set Overall

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block SetMany people believe that kitchen knives should be one of the most expensive items in your kitchen, other than your appliances. This is because often, a more expensive set is designed to last a lifetime, and you’ll find that with this set from Mercer, you will spend a little extra money when compared to other sets, but you’ll get a lifetime of quality, which is even backed with a guarantee.
These knives are forged with German steel with has high carbon, and as any chef will tell you, this means that this means your knives are tough, sharp, and resistant to stains and rust. Each knife comes with a non-slip Santoprene handle for your complete comfort, high-quality bolsters for added strength, and tapered edges for the most control.

With the purchase of this set, you’ll receive a 3.5 inch paring knife, 5 inch utility knife, 8 inch chef’s knife, 8 inch bread knife, and a 6 inch boning knife. All neatly fit into a tapered glass knife block that is durable and very modern.


  • The one-piece forged blades are extremely durable and sharp
  • They are backed with a lifetime warranty
  • You get a great assortment of the most used knives
  • The handles are ergonomically designed so they’re easy to use
  • They are well balanced
  • They are resistant to stains and rust
  • They have nonslip handles so you don’t risk cutting yourself while you are chopping
  • They are full tang knives


  • They are a bit more expensive than other sets
  • They require sharpening every few months with regular use

A set of kitchen knives is one of the most important things you can have in your kitchen. In order to make up your favorite recipes, you’ll need to chop, slice, julienne, and cut through your ingredients, and you just can’t do that without a high-quality set of sharp knives at your disposal. For quality you can count on for years to come, the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set is a great product to choose. These forged blade knives are very sturdy, durable, and look great placed in their glass knife block on any modern kitchen counter.